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The Avett Brothers – I Wish I Was

You go to Avett Brothers shows to not just see the band and listen to the songs, you go because you’re chasing something. For some people it’s a song or a feeling. But for even more people it’s the connection they make with other fans. You get to hear and share stories about about how the music has changed and shaped so many peoples lives. My story? Well, I was in a relationship for almost three years when I asked my girlfriend to marry me. She said yes! We were so happy and excited. But just a few weeks later she changed her mind and ended up leaving me. That experience really kind of warped my perspective on love, and the world. It hit me hard and for the better part of 2019 I was pretty miserable. But I was blessed to be an Avett Brothers fan and have their music in my life. “I Wish I Was” helped me realize that it didn’t matter how much I loved her, she wanted me to be something different. And you know, I wish I could be different in some parts of my life. But I’m just me, I’m just a man, all I have is my love. And I wish I could have given her more, but I gave all that I had.


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