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Switchfoot – The Constant in my Life

Switchfoot was the first band I totally fell in love with. Before my cousin introduced me to them when I was 12, I listened to a lot of country music. When I heard “Your Love is a Song” my life changed. I think I liked it so much because there was a more subjective take on the lyrics, and even though it wasn’t directly a Christian song, I loved the message it carried. The lyrics of the country music I was listening to before weren’t subjective at all. Ever since then they’ve been a constant in my life. Their music has helped me through hard times in middle school and depression through high school. On my worst days I would pull out “The Blues” and “Sing it Out”. A lot of Switchfoot songs talk about hard times but often highlight hope.

I’ve been to eleven Switchfoot concerts in the last 7 years. It’s been so great to look forward to the shows and meet other fans who like the same music as me. Those are some of the best memories of my life. If I could sit down and talk with Jon I’d want to ask him what motivates him to keep writing music after all this time. It just seems like he’s always creating new material, whether it’s for Switchfoot or his other projects.


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