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Switchfoot – Positive Notes

“I didn’t always have the best role models in my life. But when it came to seeing Switchfoot’s music videos, listening to them talk and their lyrics, they were a positive influence, better role models to guide me along as I grew up. I mean, I can remember being excited hearing “Learning to Breathe” when I was two years old, so they’ve pretty much been a part of my entire life.

I met John a couple of years ago behind the venue. I was walking to my car and he was coming out of the tour bus. I was able to thank him for all the music the band has made, and let him know how much the lyrics have impacted my life. I told him that his music gave me positive notes when I didn’t have any, and has provided me with what I need during whatever difficult situation I’m in, whether it’s family problems or whatever I’m going through. It was so cool to be have the chance to tell him that.

Switchfoot has the most positive lyrics of any band I’ve ever listened to. They’ve definitely helped me, actually beyond helped me. I’m so thankful to have been able to grow up with their music.”


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