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Lord Huron – Creative Process

One of the things I like most about Lord Huron is their creative process. Most artists will write about an experience, a situation, a moment, and the emotion that comes with it. You know, like a love, a breakup or something like that. But what Ben does, is take that situation and play it out. He’ll imagine how the experience could turn out, and he creates a whole fantastical world around that, where all of these things take place. So I think that process is really interesting as an artist myself.

I started listening to them in 2012 when when I was in college. My friend Dave shared some of their music with me and I enjoyed it, so I started following them. But it was when Strange Trails came out that I felt a really strong connection to his music. The messages from the songs present a wanderlust kind of feel, so it falls right in line with things that I already enjoy. And tonality wise, the whole album operates as a narrative. As you listen, you’ll notice hints of tones and melodies from previous songs, and it leads you along, as a progression, from song to song.

I take music pretty seriously, I have playlists for all different occasions. I’ve got a playlists for when I’m upset or angry. I’ve got a playlist for working out, another one of just spoken word. But when it comes to adventurous times in my life, like when I’m traveling, and when I need inspiration for a creative project, I turn to Lord Huron.


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