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Lord Huron – A Journey

“Growing up, they never fought or argued, and never let on that there was anything wrong. So when my parents sat my brothers and me down to tell us that they were getting a divorce, it was like they were speaking to me in foreign language. I was shocked, so surprised. I was angry, sad, I just couldn’t believe it. For 18 years of my life they were together, and now, I’m 19 and my dad has a girlfriend?

I think it’s human nature to try and find something you can relate to when you’re sad or depressed. For me, that’s Lord Huron’s music. I started listening to them earlier in my teens. You know, a time in adolescence when you’re full of angst and tying to figure out what to do with your life. I remember they were singing about traveling through time and space, traveling in the desert. And when I thought about it, I realized we’re all kind of on a journey, trying to figure out who we are. And even though their music has pop aspects, there’s a bit of sadness in just about every song. Death, darkness and being alone are common threads throughout much of their music.

So during that time of my parents divorce, and even now as I continue to go through it. Lord Huron’s music has helped me grieve, it’s comforted me, and helped me process the emotions I’m going through. And the significance of there music has been deepened from going through this experience.”


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