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Lord Huron

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“Back in 2015 I found Lord Huron in my dad’s playlist. The very first song I listened to was ‘Meet Me in the Woods’. I was attracted to their sound right away, but when I listened to ‘Fool for Love’ I was captivated by the story. And that’s when I fell in love with them, I’ve always liked songs that tell a story. So I bought all of their albums and downloaded them to my phone. Right after that I took a trip to the Canadian Rockies for 2 weeks. We had no cell phone service, no WiFi, we were totally disconnected. I was 15 at the time, so I was way too cool to hold a conversation with my family. I put my ear buds in and listened to Lord Huron constantly for the entire trip. They provided the perfect soundtrack for exploring the winding mountain roads and adventuring out in nature. Now I always associate them with traveling and the songs inspire me to go to new places, go on adventures and explore the world.”

lord huron fans

One of the things I like most about Lord Huron is their creative process. Most artists will write about an experience, a situation, a moment, and the emotion that comes with it. You know, like a love, a breakup or something like that. But what Ben does, is take that situation and play it out. He’ll imagine how the experience could turn out, and he creates a whole fantastical world around that, where all of these things take place. So I think that process is really interesting as an artist myself.

I started listening to them in 2012 when when I was in college. My friend Dave shared some of their music with me and I enjoyed it, so I started following them. But it was when Strange Trails came out that I felt a really strong connection to his music. The messages from the songs present a wanderlust kind of feel, so it falls right in line with things that I already enjoy. And tonality wise, the whole album operates as a narrative. As you listen, you’ll notice hints of tones and melodies from previous songs, and it leads you along, as a progression, from song to song.

I take music pretty seriously, I have playlists for all different occasions. I’ve got a playlists for when I’m upset or angry. I’ve got a playlist for working out, another one of just spoken word. But when it comes to adventurous times in my life, like when I’m traveling, and when I need inspiration for a creative project, I turn to Lord Huron.

“Growing up, they never fought or argued, and never let on that there was anything wrong. So when my parents sat my brothers and me down to tell us that they were getting a divorce, it was like they were speaking to me in foreign language. I was shocked, so surprised. I was angry, sad, I just couldn’t believe it. For 18 years of my life they were together, and now, I’m 19 and my dad has a girlfriend?

I think it’s human nature to try and find something you can relate to when you’re sad or depressed. For me, that’s Lord Huron’s music. I started listening to them earlier in my teens. You know, a time in adolescence when you’re full of angst and tying to figure out what to do with your life. I remember they were singing about traveling through time and space, traveling in the desert. And when I thought about it, I realized we’re all kind of on a journey, trying to figure out who we are. And even though their music has pop aspects, there’s a bit of sadness in just about every song. Death, darkness and being alone are common threads throughout much of their music.

So during that time of my parents divorce, and even now as I continue to go through it. Lord Huron’s music has helped me grieve, it’s comforted me, and helped me process the emotions I’m going through. And the significance of there music has been deepened from going through this experience.”

“I’ve liked Lord Huron’s Music for a while. I think I was originally drawn to it because of the way they blend folk and alt. rock to create a unique sound. I also like the themes of adventure and journey incorporated into the songs, and their approach of telling a story throughout the album. But it was just before the album “Vide Nior” came out that their music impacted me the most. I had been dating this girl for three and a half years, and we broke up just before “Wait By the River” was released ahead of the album. It was a really good song for me to latch onto because it evoked emotions in me and allowed me to feel them in a way that was healthy and natural.”

Wait by the River on YouTube

I will wait by the river
In the light of the moon
At the edge of the city
I will wait for you

Lord Huron