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The Band Perry – True to Yourself

“I’m here with my fiance’ to see The Band Perry live for the first time. I like their new sound better than the country music they were known for before. It’s just more my style of music. And I think the songs are better because they are being true to themselves. I feel like I can relate to them in that way because I spent a long time pretending to be somebody else to keep everyone around me happy. And I know how much happier I am now, being who I am, and not having to hide myself anymore. Not being the person that everyone else wants me to be.

About 5 years ago I was just so tired of hiding. I decided I couldn’t worry anymore about whether or not my family was gonna be OK with it or not. I had to come out to them and tell them that I’m a lesbian. Some of them were supportive and happy for me. Some of them, like my mom, are starting to come around and get use to the idea. And a few of them aren’t a part of my life anymore. But it’s still better than hiding, than lying to everyone. Now I’m engaged, getting ready to be married. Something that couldn’t have happened before I came out.”


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