Celebrating the music that sparks your soul

U2 – Entirety

I think the first U2 song I really connected with was the live version of Gloria from Under a Blood Red Sky. I had those thoughts, like so many kids going through that awkward stage in life. No one understands me, I’m different than everyone else. Their music made me fell like, it’s gonna be OK, made me believe that I’m gonna find my way through this, gave me faith that I could figure this out.

But for us it’s more about the whole experience, not just one song. We’ve both been U2 fans since before we met over 30 years ago. And while there is a focal point, something we connect to in each album and each tour. The way we connect evolves over time. The Joshua Tree was our moving into young adulthood album. We were growing up and we could sense that there was more of a purpose behind the songs than some of the other music we were listening to. Then during the Zoo TV tour, we became even more aware about what was going on in the world. That tour made us think more globally and how we fit into this puzzle of affecting change to make it better. And still today, all these years later, they continue to shed a light on social issues and inspire us in so many ways.


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