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Third Eye Blind – Dad & Daughter Bonding

“I introduced my daughter to Third Eye Blind and she introduced me to 21 Pilots, just like my dad introduced me to Zeppelin and I introduced him to Pearl Jam. It’s kinda like a trickle down effect, a tradition of music.

She loves being in the pit. She was always showing me these pictures she had taken from the middle of it. But she was so small, it kinda’ worried me. It’s really cool though, everyone takes care of her in there, protects her.

We’d listen to Third Eye Blind a lot together but I never really paid that much attention to the lyrics. One day we were sittin’ around listening to Blue and “Wounded” came on. I heard the line “You’re an angel in the pit with her hands in the air”, I was like that’s my girl, it connected us. So music has brought us closer to together, it’s our thing.

We live in Georgia and recently went to Red Rocks. As a dad I feel like, if your daughter asks if you wanna go to Red Rocks, you just say yeah. You don’t ask when, who’s playing or any other questions. It’s quality time together, and before I know it she’ll be grown up, living her life. And I know I’ll still be a part of it, but we’ll never get this special time in our lives back again.”


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