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D’Angelo – Voodoo

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more connected to an album than when I fully dove into ‘Voodoo’ by D’Angelo. I was going through some pretty serious heartbreak and depression at the time. I mean it was the biggest of my life, and that album absolutely came alive for me. It was something I could kind of hide in.

That whole experience gave me cause for some meaningful life changes, a lot of personal growth, a lot of self reflection. The biggest thing I came to realize is the importance of being honest, I mean brutally honest, with your friends, loved ones and yourself. The importance of actually speaking your mind instead of saying what people want to hear. I don’t think it’s a concept we’re born with, it’s something most of us have to learn. It’s a lesson I’m still continuing to work on. That album still brings me comfort and joy, as well as immense pain, just pure emotional rapture. Even to this day, 5 years later, anytime I listen to it, it gets to me.”

Kellen Asebroek of Fruition


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