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I think the first U2 song I really connected with was the live version of Gloria from Under a Blood Red Sky. I had those thoughts, like so many kids going through that awkward stage in life. No one understands me, I’m different than everyone else. Their music made me fell like, it’s gonna be OK, made me believe that I’m gonna find my way through this, gave me faith that I could figure this out.

But for us it’s more about the whole experience, not just one song. We’ve both been U2 fans since before we met over 30 years ago. And while there is a focal point, something we connect to in each album and each tour. The way we connect evolves over time. The Joshua Tree was our moving into young adulthood album. We were growing up and we could sense that there was more of a purpose behind the songs than some of the other music we were listening to. Then during the Zoo TV tour, we became even more aware about what was going on in the world. That tour made us think more globally and how we fit into this puzzle of affecting change to make it better. And still today, all these years later, they continue to shed a light on social issues and inspire us in so many ways.

U2 Fan

“I can’t really articulate the magnitude of how U2’s music resonates with me. I guess, the best way to put it is that I always identify with something in their songs, I just get so much out of them. One of the most difficult times of my life was when I lost my daughter, she was stillborn. During that intensely emotional time, it was just too painful to listen to some of my favorite music. The most emotional song for me was, and still is ‘In a Little While’. And as agonizing as it is to hear, it’s the one song that has helped me heal the most.

Sometimes their songs still catch me off guard. Just the other night, when they played ‘Mothers of the Disappeared’, tears just started running down my face because there was something about it registering with my heart in a way I’d never felt before. There was something happening to me in a spiritual way, I felt so much healing going on.

I don’t know exactly what it is. Sometimes it may be a lyric, or a guitar riff or just Larry’s beat. But when I listen to U2 there’s something that happens in my soul. It takes me to a place of healing. It allows me to unpack things that I’m holding on to emotionally, and helps me let go. It transports me to a place that’s real and connected.”

In a little while

Surely you’ll be mine

In a little while, I’ll be there

In a little while

This hurt will hurt no more

I’ll be home, love

U2 – In a Little While
u2 fan

“You can feel so much emotion through U2’s music because their songs are written about personal experiences. And those songs resonate with people because they can associate with them through events in their own lives.

For me, A while back I was having a hard time, a lot of horrible things happened that put me in the position of being homeless. When your in that situation, sometimes you worry that you can’t do it on your own, and you don’t know where to find help. I spent a lot of time listening to music because it gave me the belief that I could be better than my situation. One day I was listening to ‘Ultra Violet (Light My Way)’ in my headphones, and just by chance someone crossed my path and set me back on the track I was suppose to be on. That person really did light my way! Now, I manage a business and my life continues to get progressively better. So it’s those types of things, life changing moments that make U2 songs resonate with me.”

U2 fanlife

“My girlfriend and I went to our first U2 show together on November 16th, 2006 in Adelaide. I knew that was the perfect time to ask my future wife to marry me. So I got down on one knee and proposed during the transition between Pride and Where the Street Have No Name. We also had tickets for two more U2 concerts a couple of days later in Melbourne. So I was really happy she said yes, otherwise it would’ve been pretty awkward at the Melbourne shows. (laughs)

U2 has been a big part of my life since I heard Achtung Baby when I was 12 years old. But when All That You Can’t Leave Behind came out, I was older and realized the depth of the lyrics. That’s what attracted me to their music even more. As a Christian I love how Bono hides biblical imagery in plain sight. I think you can find it in almost every song if you’re looking for it. The lyrics have meaning on the surface, but then you can find a deeper meaning underneath the meaning. So I can mull on U2 songs for a long, long time and continue to get something new out of them. Their music has been a part of my life’s celebrations, tragedies, and everything in between.

The proposal was a really special moment for us. Since then we’ve been kind of hangin’ out, waiting for them to come back to Adelaide for 13 years. And last week they finally came back for the Joshua Tree 30th anniversary tour. We were right up front, by the stage. And during that same transition from Pride to Streets, I got down on one knee, and before she knew what was happening, I did a proposal re-enactment. It was great!”