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“I live and work in the Middle East and schedule my vacations around upcoming concerts here in the U.S.. Shinedown is my favorite band especially live, and I’ve seen them on tour in support of every album they’ve released. My girlfriend is from Jordan and hasn’t been to exposed to much American rock music. I showed her the video for my favorite song, “If You Only Knew” and we talked about what the song meant to us. Now, I know the song was written for Brent’s son, but you can’t really tell someone what to think, especially when it comes to music and art. So for us, It’s become our song. It’s something always there for us when we’re away from each other, it’s deepened our relationship. It means so much that I’ve got a tattoo of it in honor of her. She’s the love of my life.”

If You Only Knew – Shinedown

If you only knew I’d sacrifice my beating Heart before I lose you

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“The teenage years are a tough time for a lot of people. For me they were difficult because of the issues I had with social anxiety. I didn’t have many friends, so music was the only thing I had to get me through. Well, music and self-harm. I turned to cutting and burning myself as a way to escape my extreme feelings of worry, fear and loneliness. And while it did help alleviate the monsters in my head, it became an addiction. Just like someone abusing drugs or alcohol, I was dependent on it, I had to hide it from everyone and I felt ashamed of it.

Even thought it didn’t stop my self-harm, music was a more positive way to deal with my emotional pain. During that time, and to this day, Shinedown’s music stood out to me because they had a song I could relate to for anything I was going through. As you can imagine, my anxiety kept me from doing a lot of things, especially with big crowds. But my love for their music eventually allowed me to overcome it and go see them live. That was the beginning of my healing process.

That process was reinforced when I met the band at a meet and greet. I asked Brent to write these words, so I could have them tattooed on my arm and have it in his handwriting, so whenever I feel hopeless or like I want to give up, I have something to remind me to keep trying. I couldn’t really read his reaction, he didn’t say much, so I didn’t know what he was thinking. But, when they came out on stage to start the show he waved and smiled at me. Then, when he went into the crowd during the song “Enemies” he patted me on the back and gave me another smile. Later in the concert he threw a towel in my direction but someone else got it, he went to the back of the stage, got another one, knelt down and handed it to me. And at the end of the show he blew me a kiss. So I felt like he went out of his way to show his support, and that meant everything to me.”

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I believe we all have demons trying to bring us down. Sometimes they get through and make us feel numb. They make us feel that nothing in our lives is worth anything and that we’re not worth anything. When it happens, that’s depression. The song “Get Up” was written by Brent to his friend and band mate Eric about his struggle with depression. I’ve struggled with depression since I was about 13 years old. I told my mom that I couldn’t feel happiness anymore. My friends, family and my love of music have helped me heal and have become my medication.

That’s why I incorporated the songs “Devil” and “Get Up” into this artwork for the band. I also wrote them a personal letter on the back expressing how thankful I am for the music they’ve created and how it’s helped me with my depression. When I showed Brent the work he gave me a big hug and said, “You did this? No way! That’s amazing!” I’ve never felt more pleased with my work in my entire life than at that moment. Giving this to Shinedown made me the happiest girl in the world at that moment. It all still feels like a dream.

Devil – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AsPY1bQx70
Get Up – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcohgARJTWQ

“Shinedown’s music is so inspirational and hopeful. I’ve always liked “Simple Man”, the original and their version. But now it means soooo much more to me, after seeing them play it with Machine Gun Kelly at Rock USA in Wisconsin. It was such an emotional performance because the crowd was so into it and every single person there was singing along with them, I felt this overwhelming energy between the band and the crowd. It was like the most powerful moment I’ve experienced in my life, and I was crying because it was just so moving. And now, every time I hear that song I start to tear up again because it brings me back to that incredibly vivid memory.”

See the moving performance here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDWEFkFh4eI

I’ve been to 24 Shinedown shows, the first one was in 2001 when they were opening for 3 doors down. I fell in love with “Burning Bright”, it was a song I could relate to, especially when going through tough times. And it’s still my favorite song to this day. That’s what I love about great music, everyone relates to it and interprets it differently depending on what they’re going through in life.

I’ve been bringing my son to rock concerts since he was 12. And it’s been great to be able to share my love of music with him at such a young age. I’ve never felt awkward, or uncomfortable bringing him to a Shinedown concert because they play a really clean show. I’ve never had to worry about what he’s gonna see or hear like at some other hard rock concerts. Shinedown shows aren’t overly sexual, there’s not a lot of cussin’ and they’re really positive. I just love that about them!

Burning Bright – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO2QId331PE

The more the light shines through me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend I’m burning bright
The more the light shines through me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend I’m burning


I’ve basically converted my entire family into Shinedown fans. I took my 3 kids to their first Shinedown concert in 2009. I took my husband to his first real rock concert, Shinedown in 2012. And they’ve been big fans ever since. We love to see them in concert. We’ve seen them in big venues with all the pyrotechnics, but I think they’re just as great in smaller places, just focused on the music. We chose “I’ll Follow You” for our wedding. We played it, in the chapel, as I walked up the aisle to get married and for the recessional as we walked out together.

They are such great guys and have this charisma that draws people to them. When we met them they seemed to be genuinely interested in talking and interacting with their fans. I mean you just don’t always see that with people these days.

“Shinedown has been my absolute favorite band since I was in 6th grade. A lot of my friends would listen to melodies and the overall sound of a song to decide if they liked it. But I was paying more attention to the vocals and lyrics. A couple of years later I found out that Brent went to my high school so I felt an even stronger connection to him. And still, to this day, I 100% believe that Brent is the best lyricist I’ve ever encountered through all the years that I’ve been listening to music.

My mom and I have always been really close and last year she went in for surgery. She ended up with an infection that she never recovered from, and after 5 months in the hospital she eventually passed away. It was during that time, I finally had the chance to hear the song Breathe, and it perfectly encpsulated my emotions and what I was going through. I had wanted to hear that song for a really long time but it was a special release, only available to people who bought tickets a show I couldn’t attend. So, it took a while, but I ended up hearing it at the time in my life when I needed it most.

I really wish she could have listened to Attention, Attention with me, it’s my favorite album of all. It’s 100% about going from a dark place to a happy one, so it’s completely self growth. And even though they obviously didn’t know what was going on in my life, because they’re them and I’m me, we’ve never met. It felt like they somehow knew the situation I was in and had personally extended a supportive hand.”

Learn more about Shinedown – http://www.shinedown.com/

Are you awake,
Or is this goodnight?
If you hear me,
Open your eyes and breathe