Celebrating the music that sparks your soul

The Grateful Dead


Yeah, maybe you have to go to work everyday to take care of your family, pay your mortgage and be responsible. But at least you have the ability a couple times a year to go out and be part of a scene that’s very different from your normal, stress filled life. That’s a really important part of why a lot of people came to Dead shows back in the day and come to see Dead & Co. and Bobby’s shows now. When the music starts, and you’re really into it, and you’re dancin’, and you’re feelin’ it. You’re not thinkin’ about who you owe money to, who owes you money and things like that. You forget all about the stuff in life that gets you down and depressed.

And when we all give ourselves to the show it becomes like this group meditation. There are thousands of people all moving to the same feeling, the same vibrations, the same energy. For a few hours we’re all completely inside of the music. And all our problems? We can worry about them later. It’s a very necessary thing for a lot of people.

“I love so many bands and music, but the Grateful Dead has to be the most influential band in my life.  I got interested in them when I was in college during an impressionable time in my life.  I think I like them so much because live music is so powerful to me.  There’s nothing like being a part of an audience that’s so excited for the music and the band is feeding off their energy. The crowd knows something special is happening, the band is on fire.  It’s like a religious experience for me.”