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Blake Shelton – A Helping Hand

“When I first heard ‘Austin’ I fell in love with Blake Shelton. I connected with his songs right away because he’s from small town Oklahoma and I grew up in farm country. In a time when everything was done simple. We didn’t have all of these modern day conveniences. His music has helped me most during difficult, trying times. When I adopted a special needs foster child, my son, I took a job as a special ed. teacher so I would have time off when he was out of school. It’s a tough job. The pay is awful, the hours are long, but it’s very rewarding. There were a lot of challenges working and raising my son every single day. Blakes music inspired me to keep striving to be the best I could be for my son and my students. He motivated me on the days when I just didn’t think I could keep going. My son is 22 now, he’s in college and I’m so proud of him. I feel like I’ve fulfilled my mission for him, with the help of Blake.”


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